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Why buy advertisement – pay for clients instead!

With LINKPROFIT your call center employees will forget about drinking tea at work 


  • Do you need to increase your market share, but your traditional channels no longer serve your needs?

  • Are you tired of paying for traffic with minimal conversion?

  • Try our cost per action system

  • Do you wish to have the ability to conduct detailed analysis of promotional costs?


Unique CPA marketing opportunities


LINKPROFIT operates on a СРА (cost-per-action) model. That means that you only need to pay for actions that turn regular visitors into clients. 



Assessment of profitability

Improvement of ROI

Enormous potential 

You can control all registrations, purchases and requests from the clients you attract



There are no costs associated with non-targeted traffic or people who simply visited the website 



Every month we get new tools that open up even more possibilities for you.



Price setting for every action

Optimal market coverage

Fine tuning of traffic

You not only define conversion actions but you also set the reward for each of them

Hundreds of thousands of websites from around the world with the possibility of setting up geo-targeting.

Traffic restrictions based on geography and traffic types.



Clients for you, business processes for us

In every case we create a personalized affiliate program with owners of the best web platforms in order to attract clean traffic that is closest to the target audience. The actual layout of our operations is very simple:






Receive readymade clients by paying only for their conversion actions.

Organizes and supports the campaign.

Places the ad for your product/services.



Turnkey project support

Advertising campaign

Traffic quality control

Settling with suppliers

Record keeping of all conversion actions and campaign analytics 





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