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What we offer to our advertisers:

Own technological tracking platform
Flexible pricing, discounts and promotions for advertisers
Ability to work on all models: CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, CPS
ADDINBOX - technology platform for email marketing

We have a deep expertise in global affiliate marketing. Using our own technologies and services, we can provide large-scale advertising campaigns with large flow of traffic.

Your brand is in the tight hands! Due to Brand Safety policy, LINKPROFIT prevent the mentions of your brand in a negative context. Our publishers use only approved creative materials. Working with us, you are getting protected traffic channel.


  • The team of digital marketing and adtech experts;
  • Mostly works on Russian, CIS, Eastern Europe, Latin America and South East Asia markets;
  • Fast integration procedure;
  • Support 24/7;
  • Works only with reliable publishers;
  • Supplies your brand with any amount of traffic, that you need;
  • Sells traffic by CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, CPS advertising models;
  • Works individually with every offers;
  • Have a flexible price policy;
  • Provides CPA and affiliate marketing consulting;
  • Guarantees you a stable traffic supply.


  • JAB – own tracking platform which elaborated specially for financial offers with any conversion data you need;
  • SMART SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY which sends traffic straight to your CRM;
  • Fraud control;
  • SMART LANDING PAGE – we can develop for you high-conversion landing page with an exclusive design;
  • Offline traffic from our partner call-centers from all over the world.


  • Full digital marketing strategy develop for your brand for every country markets that you need;
  • Monetization strategy of the non-unique and residual clients;
  • API integration with financial marketplaces;
  • You can;
  • BigData and Programmatic buying;
  • Mobile App design, development and promotion.
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