New features of iOS 10.3 Function - Find My Airpods, which allows you to find headphones on the map. In addition, you won’t need anymore to wander around the house, remembering where you left them, you can start the alarm on the Airpods. If this did not help, then the new OS will sho you the place of the last contact of Airpods with your smartphone. mini-jack can not boast of such a thing.

Apple gave developers access to the StoreKit API, through which users can evaluate applications without leaving the program, and developers - to respond to their reviews in the App Store. This news was especially pleased with the audience.

Apple is also introduced a new file system. Replacement of old HFS + (19 years old) on APFS. Long story short: accelerated loading of OS and applications. At WWDC 2016, the difference in operating system speed on testing new file system was around 17 seconds.

Together with iOS 10.3 there will be more updates: macOS 10.12.4, watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2, which can hardly be called innovative.