This format has become very popular to Instagram users (about 150 million "stories" daily). Such a strategic innovation is aimed to Snapchat audience - the pioneer of this format: copying an enemy instead of buying it, a speech about which (according to some sources) came more than once.

The video for FB Stories has a maximum length of 40 seconds, which is much more than Snapchat’s 10 and Instagram’s 15: this opens up the possibility for users to create viral videos. The camera was added many functions for imposing effects, including Prizma-like editing. FB evaluates your communication with users, and the people who are most "intimate" to you will be the first in the list of "viewed". You do not yet have the ability to specify the list of friends who can see your stories, which still restricts users in self-expression. Chats are returned to the main FB app: users can send each other photos and videos from FB Camera, and after the end of the conversation materials will be deleted (Poke analog).

There is a possibility that FB Stories will win some young audience in fight with Snapchat. Or it can take place near Poke of 2012 (the first copy of Snapchat from FB). We’ll see.