The Facebook company seriously got down to fakes. The company's message on April 14 said about the improvement of methods for monitoring the activities of accounts that distribute fake likes, comments and reviews.

This is the continuation of the company's activities aimed at preventing fraudulent activities, which especially negatively affects publishers, partners and advertisers. Sources of fakes, according to the company, are located in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and in several other countries.

Unscrupulous accounts do not live long - only a couple of likes, and then they become inactive. Cleaning will not greatly affect large accounts with more than 10,000 likes: the company predicts a drop in popularity by no more than 3%.

In addition to protecting advertisers and partners, Facebook's activities on fake accounts are inextricably bound to its activation as a political platform. As AdIndex informs , before presidential elections in France Facebook blocked more than 30 thousand fake accounts.