This device is a small plastic sphere with a USB-C or micro USB port - depending on which version you are buying. The port is built-in directly to the ball, so it is very important to choose the Insta360 Air for a specific device. It needs almost no space, and it’s lens is protected with a soft silicone shell.

This device is perfect for users of social networks Instagram and Facebook, supporting the format of 360, and for Youtube as well. Special attention should be paid to FB Live, which functions allows your friends to view photos, moving the smartphone in real time, which greatly enhances the effect of presence. The resolution for the photo is 3K, and for the video - 2K, which leaves no doubt over the quality of shooting.

This device can be purchased on a reasonable price, ranging from 14 to 16 thousand rubles. About the ration of price, benefit and pleasure - you decide.