January 31, 2018 will be an online conference on usability of sites and increase the conversion of sites - CyberUsabilityDay 2018!

At the conference you will learn about the principles of usability of commercial sites, budget methods of engaging traffic, increasing conversion through widgets and much more, which will help you increase sales.

The conference will be useful to owners of sites and online stores, as well as experts in the field of creating websites.

Format and program

You will receive a free online conference, which will be attended by more than 3,000 participants and 6 speakers, each of whom will make a report on the UI / UX:

  • Dmitry Satin, CEO of USABILITYLAB;
  • Andrey Gusarov, founder of the Gusarov Group; will deliver a report on "Budgetary ways to increase the conversion of commercial sites";
  • Denis Narizhny, the head of the Internet agency StudioF1 and the creator of the AskUsers service; will deliver a report "Usability in Russian";
  • Dmitry Zhokhov, a strategic consultant in GetSale, will make a presentation "Pop-up windows scare off customers." Or not? "
  • Vyacheslav Kutovoy, the head of Webline Production, will make a presentation "Usability and design: how to combine trends and convenience?"
  • Svetlana Kovaleva, evangelist Calibri, will make a report "How to improve the conversion of the site by setting up personal communication with the visitor."


CyberUsabilityDay 2018 starts on January 31, 2018 at 12:00 (MSK)

Check in

Sign up for the online conference on the link and you'll learn how to improve the usability of your site and improve conversions. For those who want to access presentations of speakers, records of reports and bonuses from partners, there is a possibility of paying registration as a business participant.