LINKPROFIT is very grateful to the team for the idea, organization and implementation. Even bad weather could not prevent the participants from having a great time. Everything was very cool!

We say THANKS to our wonderful speakers:

Dmitry Yukhnevich (Dmitry Yukhnevich), Andrey Sikorskiy, Denis Kuchumov (Denis Kuchumov), Maxim Kurguzov (Maksim Kurguzov), Vyacheslav Prokhorov (Slava Prokh), Yury Kudryakov (Yury Kudryakov), Anna Starostina (Anna Starostina) and Alexei Nikushin (Alexey Nikushin (Alexey Nikushin).

It was you who made the section "Ecosystem AdTech" so bright, dynamic, interesting and rich. Each topic, each report is all at the highest level .We hope that this is not the last joint work.

The LINKPROFIT team expresses gratitude to all those who came to listen to the technology: we are sure that you could learn a lot of new, useful and necessary.