Mail.Ru Group has taken up the consolidation of the Russian food delivery market. On April 28, Mail.Ru Group completed the acquisition of ZakaZaka, the full value of which amounted to $20 million. ZakaZaka is the second largest company in the food delivery market today, as well as the second foodtech-segment company in the asset of Mail.Ru Group. The efforts of Mail.Ru Group can now be focused on improving the quality of service of a large part of the Russian food delivery market.

According to the press release of the company Mail.Ru Group, 87% of ZakaZaka's user orders fall on the mobile application of the service, with 72% of all orders coming from outside Moscow and St. Petersburg. ZakaZaka has 2,600 partner restaurants, and its total revenue for the first quarter of 2017 alone was 30 million rubles.