Moodelizer is an application for imposing a "suitable" soundtrack on a video. Especially important that the music is superimposed in the process of shooting in the application. You can edit the video using Moodelizer Studio, which is available only for Mac OS.

The application's soundtrack library is sorted into four sections: mood, genre, type of musical instrument and tempo. In total the Basic version contains only 10 soundtracks. Pro version offers much more - 104 soundtracks.

In the application, you can mix music depending on the mood swings of the video. For example, for video with a rally: melodic music for the developments, which at the moment of culmination can be replaced by a more energy music. You can change the сonceived intensity of music in the process of shooting. Thus, the application will convey the mood of the video depending on the content and you your vision of it.

This app will be especially appreciated by fans of the stories formats of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Moodelizer is available only to users of AppStore, but the output of the application in PlayMarket is not so far off.