LINKPROFIT continues the conquest of Viet Nam. In this title we want to share with you some of the information about target audience that would help to understand the general condition of the financial and digital segments and to learn more about the most perspective market for publishers.

“For now we are trying to bring standards of digital advertising on this market to prevent an early interference of the the government regulator in a growing digital financial segment. It is on the stage of rapid growth. We saw it previusly in Russia and Ukrain in 2014-2016 and this markets are very similar”. - D.Yuhnevich, COB LT Digital Group and CEO LINKPROFIT.

Digital audience of Viet Nam

  • About 97 million of population;
  • 35.8% of the population are an urban residents (about 34.7 million people);
  • The average age in Viet Nam is 30.9 years;
  • 64 million people are Internet users. Internet penetration - 67%. Viet Nam is among the Asian countries with the largest number of Internet users;
  • 57 million active users of social networks; According to the research, Facebook is the most popular news and content platform - 55 million people per day.
  • Viet Nam ranks 7th in the number of active Facebook users (2-2.5 hours per day in average);
  • In addition to Facebook, Vietnamese also uses Google+, LinkedIn and Zing Me;
  • Gender separation of users of social networks: 47% are women and 53% are men (data on January 2018);
  • The main age category (over 60% of social networks users) is 18 to 29. The second age category is 30 to 50;
  • The main share of users of social networks is people with incomes above the national average;
  • the most frequently used device of the target audiance is a smartphone.

Data: Worldometers and Capstone Vietnam

Some information on the financial market.

The main of financial products cunsomer for now is a men with average and higher income.

According to data on 2014, only 31% of the adult population had an account in the registered financial organisation, which is very low for the Southeast Asia region - 69%. This was due to low income, low financial literacy and poorly developed banking infrastructure in rural areas. According to the same data, more than ⅔ of the population worked in agriculture and had a minimal access to financial products, and most importantly did not have the information about it.

In 2018, the banking sector remains small, but banking networks and services are expanding very fast, and banks have great potential for development. 75% of the 97 million people in Viet Nam using banking services, but still don't have a good understanding of it.

The main reason for the lack of financial products penetration in Viet Nam is the low financial literacy of population. Probably, Vietnamese will be interested in financial education materials and affordable financial products. We are highly recommend in your capmpaigns to look for the following groups of the population: students, elderly woman among the urban population, and the adult population of the countryside.

Two microfinancial organizations: TYM (Tao Yeu May) Fund and Capital Aid for Employment (CEP) working especially closely with these groups. As well as banks such as Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP), the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture Development (VBARD) and Agribank, the People´s Credit Funds (PCF). There are also some unlicensed MFIs providing services to vulnerable groups of population - the VWU and the Farmers ’Association.

One of the interesting related areas in Viet Nam is considered micro insurance (microinsurance). This direction will be actively developed in the next few years, because included in the economic development strategy of Viet Nam.

In Vietnam, there is potential for business lending. Over the years, Viet Nam business have been used to get financial support from banks instead of shareholders capital.