The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) was launched in 2007 and since then monetization on this video hosting has become commonplace. Until recently, to attract advertising to your own channel can be from the first cast movie. This led to the popularization of fraudulent methods of earning, for example, using someone else's content and trying to earn profit from its popularity.

Since April 6, access to YPP will be closed to channels that did not score 10,000 views. Average time to reach this number of views - is a time period during which the company will check the content and make sure it is trustworthy. Upon reaching this threshold, the channel will be checked for compliance with its content to the YouTube policy and, if approved, will have the opportunity to monetize.

YouTube introduces quite reasonable changes, given the recent events related to the loss of trust of large advertisers to the company, and continues to strengthen control over the binding of advertising content to questionable videos.