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You must be an adult to register as a partner in the LINKPROFIT system.

The administration reserves the full and unconditional right to refuse registration in the system to any partner without disclosing the reason for such action.

Terms of the agreement

ATTENTION!!! Failure to comply with any item of these terms of agreement will result in the blocking of the user's account without payment of profits.


Prohibited actions:

  • Asking website users (publicly through the website or in private) to register on advertisers' websites whether for a reward or without compensation, or misleading them about rewards that users could receive by registering on advertisers' websites;

  • Creating more than one account per user. Should a duplicate account be found, all of the violator's accounts will be blocked and the amount of earnings on hold will be returned to the advertisers' accounts. If a user requires more than one account, he or she must obtain the approval for such action through the ticket system or an account manager;

  • Submitting independent requests on advertisers' websites. If you need to review your record (a request made through your link) you need to submit that information through the ticket system or inform an account manager.


Mutual settlements with partners and other financial terms:

  • The affiliate network does not reimburse accounts that have attracted 3 or fewer actions.

  • In the event that fraud is suspected, the affiliate network reserves the right to hold the payment for up to 10 business days in order to analyze the accepted requests;

  • Minimum payable amount is 800 rubles (the money are placed on hold until 800 rubles or more are amassed);

  • Payments to partners are made twice a month;

  • The affiliate network reserves the right to "freeze" payments on "Approved" requests in order to verify the quality of a partner's traffic;

  • The affiliate network shall not be held liable in the event of non-payment for requests by an "Approved" advertiser.

Rules for ad placement on websites.

In financial operations between an affiliate network and a partner fictitious (non-reimbursable) actions are excluded from the balance. In order to exclude non-reimbursable actions a partner shall:

  • Not place calls to register or to perform an action such as: "Help the website – go through a quick registration process," "Register and receive a prize from our website" and so on and so forth near the rotator;

  • Not initiate any automatic transfers, shows and actions to an advertiser's website;

  • Not mislead the user by announcing any specific conditions for an action;

  • Only place the type of information on his or her website that corresponds to the information on the advertiser's website. Ensuring the relevance of said information is the direct responsibility of the participant.


In order to protect advertisers from fraudulent actions on the part of partners, the affiliate network reserves the right to fine partners in the event that a violation by a partner of the current requirements is uncovered. The amount of the fine depends on the administration's inner convictions and can range from 5 to 100% of the money balance on the violator's account.

In the event of attempts to inflate traffic by artificially increasing the number of clicks or leads through fraudulent actions on the part of a partner, the affiliate network reserves the right to exclude such partner from all programs and not pay his commission. A partner who did not commit fraudulent actions but was suspected of such bears the responsibility for proving his innocence.

If fraud is uncovered, the account is blocked permanently and all the money is returned to the advertisers' accounts in full amount.

The administration reserves the right to block at any time any and all accounts created by a person who had already been blocked (clones).

The administration reserves the right to block at its own discretion any account without reimbursement and without disclosing the reason.

The administration reserves the right to change these terms at any moment and without advance notice.


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