All our technological solutions work not only as a separate tools, but in the format of a single ecosystem, that allows to generate the maximum profit for our advertisers and publishers.

  • Jab

    Own technological tracking platform


    • PRO tracking: geo, device type, OS and many other parameters
    • Speed and stability. JAB architecture is created in accordance with international standards of high-load IT systems.
    • Cloud technologies: all the systems are integrated into the cloud hosting and data storage
  • Smart-Traffic

    Automatic system of traffic distribution


    • Automatic system of traffic filtering and distribution by lots of parameters
    • Flexible control of quantitative parameters
    • Management of the order of receipt of applications and, therefore, its’ quality
    • Automated system of quality checkout of traffic by fraud-control and IVR and SMS
  • Smart-Lpage

    Developing the unique sell pages

    Smart Landing Page

    • High conversion
    • Minimal bounce rate
    • Advanced technologies of creating the landing pages
    • Adaptive layout for mobile – exclusive design
    • SMS–verification
    • CRM and comfortable integration
    • And many more
  • Up Profit

    Additional monetization of traffic

    Up Profit

    • Creating a strategy and implementation of market-places for financial organizations
    • Monetization of residual traffic from lending institutions. Solutions for reactivation the “sleeping” clients. Monetization of the current client base.
    • Optimization and increase profits and audience coverage.
    • Developing mobile apps and promotion of existing apps. Leading them to TOP