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Why Us

LINKPROFIT was established in July of 2013 by a team of media, marketing and technical experts.  Our goal was to accumulate maximum traffic channels and put together the best offers on the Russian market of cost-per-action networks.

There's a reason we chose CPA as our primary model – focus on the end result is the best reference point in any domain. Why LINKPROFIT:


Exclusive level of service


Utmost reverence toward all our commitments is at the heart of our company, from promptness of payments to quality control of all conversion actions.   Our team has only the best experts in their fields, thus ensuring that we do all of our tasks to perfection.  We are people first and foremost, that's why you can always count on a genuinely friendly attitude in any situation.


New level technologies


New tools and a non-trivial approach to the most state-of-the-art internet technologies allow our clients and partners to get the  most out of our partnership. Our tool box has one of the best conversion action tracker systems of its kind created with the help of "cloud technologies", a unique landing page constructor, our own geographical traffic distribution system with a 97% accuracy, and lots of other know-how.  In addition, we spent thousands of man-hours developing methodologies for optimizing usability, having brought our advertisers' projects to ultimate positions.  





Complete transparency


LINKPROFIT does more than offer its clients the most advance solutions on the market, it also ensures absolute partnership transparency. You can view detailed statistics at any time and you can be 100% certain that the result of your partnership with LINKPROFIT will exceed all your expectations.





LINKPROFIT in numbers:

40 Over 200 Over 750.000 Over 7.000.000

Superior specialists

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Conversion actions every month 

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